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Using the Networked Room Controller™ in Educational Installations

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Today’s classroom is typically loaded with audiovisual devices: data projectors, DVD and video players, computer equipment, interfaces from laboratory equipment and more. Since its inception, SP Controls, Inc. has focused on simplifying the control of multiple AV devices in a classroom. SP Controls products are small, simple to install and intuitive to operate.


The Networked Room Controller (simplified in this paper as “NRC”) acts as a central hub within a room for control of projectors, monitors and other equipment, offering web‐ enabled control of any display device. Measuring only 1.44” H x 5.44” W x 4.5” D, the NRC can be mounted completely out of the way in a classroom without taking up any valuable rack space. The NRC is the only AV controller that is compatible with the wildly successful annotation and teaching app and software Doceri.

Pucks PixiePro Wall Panel

The room’s primary display device (such as a projector or monitor) is directly controlled by the NRC; auxiliary equipment is connected via SP Controls Control Pucks, which may be daisy‐chained to one another and to the NRC using CAT5 cable. The control pucks are small enough to be located directly at the equipment being controlled and offer infrared, RS‐232 and relay options for control.

The NRC may function as a stand‐alone control device, accessed via a Web browser on a computer that is connected to the same network. However, most users want in‐room control in addition to Web‐based control, and typically use the SP Controls PixiePro Modular Panel (shown at right). This panel gives teachers a simple interface with clearly labeled buttons for activating and operating equipment. Its modular construction allows the installer to set it up exactly as needed; sources are clearly labeled, making it easy for teachers to use. Its back‐lit design allows teachers to find it easily even when the room has been darkened for presentations.