The AmpLINC System

The AmpLINC System is the result of years of experience in the design and manufacture of quality electronics. As such it provides a combination of performance and operational benefits that simply cannot be found in conventional amplifiers. This unique scalable solution provides a standard configuration that allows for a number of speakers to fit small and large rooms. This system is ideal for classroom, conference and training rooms, as well as churches, hotels, and airports as program audio, background audio or distributed audio systems.


Scalable Audio Distribution HUB system for Audio Amplification over CAT5/6 cabling

The AmpLINC HUB is an Analog to Digital Distribution System.The AmpLINC HUB provides both power and audio signal to the AmpLINC amplifier puck over standard Category cabling allowing for scalable audio in any application. Included 65 watt power supply will provide up to 60 watts of audio power to the amplifier pucks in any number of configurations from 2 to 60 amplifier pucks and speakers.  Standard analog audio inputs convert to Digital output over CAT5/6 cabling to each amplifier puck. Level control can be preset prior to amplification.

  • Small compact design allows for installation almost anywhere for a simple cost effective distributed audio solution.
  • Clean full-range dynamic power.
  • Signal Sense Technology for Energy Star Compliance.
  • AmpLINC HUB provides two audio inputs (standard RCA left and right channel and 3.5mm stereo mini jack)
  • Optional inline 90 watt power supply allows up to 8 AmpLINC PUCs at 10 watts each.
  • 4 RJ45 type AmpLINC Ports for connectivity to AmpLINC PUCs over Standard CAT5/6 cabling.
  • Pre-set Audio Level POT for setting audio level (pre-amp or variable audio needed for remote volume control).

AmpLINC Amp 10 PUC

Scalable remote speaker amplification device over CAT5/6 cable

The AmpLINC Amp10 PUC is an efficient remote amplifier device that connects to any 8 or 4 ohm speaker over CAT5/6 cabling to enable that speaker to be amplified at the speaker. The Amp 10 can be tapped from 10 watts down to 0.3 watts and daisy chained to scale from 1 to 60 per application. The Amp 10 can be set up as a right,left or mono Channel speaker via dip switches on the Amp 10. The Amp 10 PUC receives both power and audio signal over standard Category cabling from the AmpLINC HUB.

  • No need to provide or install an Amplifier in the system.
  • Small light weight compact design installs easily onto any non-powered speaker providing (+ and -) type connection to the speaker.
  • Efficient Class D microamplifier inside every AmpLINC provides surprising audio level for each speaker.
  • Convenient dip switch selection for audio channel selection and for maximum wattage output.
  • Combine any number of speakers in a room to provide for the best distribution of audio to the audience.
  • Standard power supply on AmpLINC HUB can power up to 6 AmpLINC PUCs at 10 watts each or additional PUCs tapped down to 5 watts or less.