Doceri Collaborative Solution: Conference

Doceri Collaborative enhances the presentation experience through simple control and interactive functions, allowing you to focus on delivering your presentation and not on complicated technology. Engage your audience from anywhere in the room using a wireless tablet combined with computer and AV room control. Teams can easily collaborate by showing multiple tablets on the interactive display via the built in WiFi, or by sharing content directly from their laptop using the wireless dongle for quick and easy sharing.

This collaborative solution is designed around your needs, taking advantage of existing technology while meeting the requirements for up-to-date digital inputs like HDMI. We make both the hardware and the software, providing an integrated plug-and-play system that offers reliable and hassle-free daily operation, custom designed for smooth and efficient installation in any environment.

We make the hardware and the software, making our products robust and reliable.


1SmartBox II (SBII)

The SmartBox II is a secure and flexible enclosure, allowing for a variety of equipment configurations and mounting options. Shown in these two applications are the pole mount and the wall mount. Ceiling mount also available. The SmartBox II in the diagram contains the following:

  • AmpLinc Hub

    AmpLinc Hub

    Scalable Audio Distribution HUB system for Audio Amplification over CAT5/6 cabling

  • Networked Room Controller

    Networked Room Controller

    Low-profile, low-cost, programming-free control system that provides RS-232, IR and Relay control

  • Motorized Volume Control

    Motorized Volume Control

    Stereo motorized volume control for use with any amplifier that does not have IR or RS-232 control

  • Control Puck

    Control Puck

    Expand the NRC with one additional RS-232 port and one additional IR port

  • HDMI Switcher

    HDMI Switcher

    Digital high-speed switchers allow multiple inputs to be selected to a single input on your display device

  • media_player

    Media Player

    Media Streaming Device (ie. Apple TV, Roku, etc.) Optional. Not supplied by SP Controls.

iPad, laptop, projector, screen and furniture not included. Apple TV is a registered trademarks of Apple, Inc.Roku is a registered trademark of Roku, Inc.

Optional turn key cable bundle available. SmartBox II can be pre-populated and pre-configured.
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