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The SmartBox+ is an impressive mounting solution for the PixiePro Modular Panel (PX2-MP-IR), Small Chassis SmartPanel (SP2-SMCHAS) or PixiePlus Display Control Module (PXE-DCM+) and any VCR, DVD, or VCR-DVD combo. The SmartBox+ shelf folds down to reveal a standard VCR or DVD player. The folding deck provides a convenient place to rest a laptop or portable video source. The product includes mounting hardware for virtually every situation. You must specify four SLB-MINI modules for each SmartBox+. Available in custom colors (4 unit minimum). Lead times on custom colors may be up to six weeks.
Model Numbers Description
SLB-SBOX+BL SmartBox+ Flip-Down VCR/DVD and Control Panel Enclosure (Black)
SLB-SBOX+CU SmartBox+ Flip-Down VCR/DVD and Control Panel Enclosure (Custom Paint-min. 4 units)
SLB-SBOX+WH SmartBox+ Flip-Down VCR/DVD and Control Panel Enclosure (White)

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item size description
Installation Guide 245.4KB Preliminary instructions for SmartBox+ installation.
Specification Sheet 655KB SmartBox+ Spec Sheet

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