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Pixie+ Accessories

Accessories for the Pixie+ Display Control Module. New pre-configuration and pre-wiring services available!
Model Numbers Description
PXE-BIK50 PixiePlus Basic Install Kit BUY ON AMAZON
PXE-CONFIG PixiePlus Pre-Configuration Services - we'll configure the PixiePlus for you!
PXE-CONNECT 9Pin D-Sub Serial Connector Soldered to PixiePlus Emitter
PXE-PGM-TOOL Programming Wand for PixiePlus
PXE-EMIT-232/IR PixiePlus RS232 and IR Emitter
PXE-EMIT-REL2 PixiePlus 2-Relay Output Emitter
PXE-DCM-RTC PixiePlus Real Time Clock Module
PXE-MOTVOL-CTL-A PixiePlus Motorized Volume Control - Audio
PXE-MOTVOL-CTL-L PixiePlus Motorized Volume Control - Linear
PXE-DCM-CAT5-ADAPTOR PixiePlus Phoenix-to-CAT5 Adaptor
PXE-DCM-EMIT-CAT5-232/IR PixiePlus RS232 and IR Emitter with CAT5 Jack
PXE-DCM+KEY-SRCCHUP PixiePlus Alternate 4 Source Key-Source, Mute, Channel Up/Down
PXE-DCM+KEYCOMPCHUP PixiePlus Alternate 4 Source Key-Comp/Vid/Channel Up/Down

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item size description
User Manual 236.1KB Preliminary quickstart guide for the PixiePlus Programming Wand
Installation Guide 535KB Instructions for installing and configuring the Relay Dongle for use with a PixiePlus.
Installation Guide 23.8KB Installation guide for the PixiePlus Motorized Volume Controller (Audio version)
Installation Guide 23.9KB Installation guide for the PixiePlus Motorized Volume Controller (Linear version)
Software Application 343.1KB PixiePlus Configuration Utility (for use with the Programming Wand)