Small Chassis SmartPanel retired

The Small Chassis SmartPanel provides simple, intuitive projector or plasma screen control through RS-232 and IR. The simplicity of the interface allows untrained users to control complicated projector technology with confidence and ease.
Model Numbers Description
SP2-SMCHAS Mini SmartPanel Control System
SP2-SMCHAS-AB Mini SmartPanel (Anodized Blue)
SP2-SMCHAS-WH Mini SmartPanel (Textured White)
SP2-SMCHAS-AG Mini SmartPanel (Anodized Gold)
SP2-SMCHAS-AR Mini SmartPanel (Anodized Red)
SP2-SMCHAS-GR Mini SmartPanel (Anodized Grey)


  • Control unit
  • One RS-232 port for projector control
  • One RS-232 port for SP control/config
  • Configuration utility CD-ROM
  • One IR/Wired remote port
  • Seven low-voltage relays
  • Pre-printed legends
  • Owner's manual
  • One power sensor input port
  • One 12V power supply
  • Mounting screws

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    item size description
    User Manual 657.5KB SmartPanel Configuration and Installation Guide
    Installation Guide 22.7KB AutoCAD document with mounting dimensions for the SP2-SMCHAS
    Installation Guide 25.8KB Small Chassis SmartPanel (SP2-SMCHAS) Mounting Schematic and Instructions
    Specification Sheet 497.8KB Small Chassis SmartPanel (SP2-SMCHAS) Spec Sheet
    Software Application 23.1MB SP Controls Product Configuration Utility
    Application Note 113.9KB Instructions for configuring a SmartPanel and SP3-AFVP+ preamp to allow volume control of an audio-only device, such as a CD player.
    Application Note 170KB Instructions for configuring 2 or more SmartPanels to operate in a Master/Slave configuration to control a single projector or display device.
    Room Diagrams 127.2KB Room Diagram #1 SmartPanel Small Chassis Application (.dwg)
    Room Diagrams 176.4KB Room Diagram #1 SmartPanel Small Chassis Application (.pdf)
    Room Diagrams 1.2MB Room Diagram #2 SmartPanel Small Chassis Application (.dwg)
    Room Diagrams 269.9KB Room Diagram #2 SmartPanel Small Chassis Application (.pdf)
    Room Diagrams 1.2MB Room Diagram #3 SmartPanel Small Chassis Application (.dwg)
    Room Diagrams 277.5KB Room Diagram #3 SmartPanel Small Chassis Application (.pdf)

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