Saint Louis University’s experience with SP Controls has been nothing short of outstanding. From the ease of use and programmability of the products to the level of customer service and technical support, all has been excellent.
Tim Heidemann, Saint Louis University

I love how the configuration-and-control software application for the Networked Room Controller is browser-based and OS-neutral. My Mac-using department doesn't have to borrow a Windows machine or install new software to get a new NRC up and running.
David Chavez, Shenandoah University

One benefit the SmartPanel offers is the ability to standardize customers who have multiple installations. In a school, for example, each classroom can use the same controller regardless of which projectors and peripherals are installed, or how they change over the years. Another is that the controller doesn’t require programming of any kind – installers, or even users, can just run the friendly configuration software that comes with the controller.

Support from SP Controls has been far superior, far above anything I’ve seen in the industry. Response is quick and communication is honest and accurate. You can count on SP Controls to follow through.
Jon Bannan, College of New Jersey

At UT-Austin we have hundreds of CatLinc VGA systems. We use them in every new installation because they are simple to install. We no longer struggle with terminating BNC connectors or pulling bulky cables through already-crowded conduit. We can use our existing UTP infrastructure, and the video quality of the CatLinc VGA is as close to perfect as you can get.
Dr. Kurt Bartelmehs, Program Manager for Information Technology, University of Texas, Austin
I actually had a faculty member that doesn’t understand technology say “I love you!” just for putting in the SmartPanels.
David Mulford, Roanoke College
I’ve never programmed a control system in my life, but programming the SmartPanel was as straightforward and easy as can be.
Scott Smith, Roanoke College

The Pixie units are a great alternative to giving confusing remote controls to the user. The user wants something simple to use, something easy to setup that looks awesome. This is a great low-cost alternative to expensive control systems, it's easy to update, troubleshoot if necessary, and operate.
Mark Day, Columbus State Community College


We now have twenty-four of the SP Controls SmartPanels installed with CatLinc Nets and they are working extremely well. This is about half of our major classrooms. The technical support has been great.We just tried a CatLinc VGA over a long, problematic run, and it is working fine. I suspect we will be ordering more in the near future. I will likely add a few Pixie units for our smaller and simpler installations.
Hunt Conard, Manager of Media Services, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY

I piloted four SmartBox classrooms in March 2004.  An administrator on our campus actually questioned me on this purchase, until - unsolicited - a faculty member thanked him for purchasing those "slick black boxes"!  Their low-profile cabinets, ease-of-setup and use, and robust feature set make them ideal for many of our technology classrooms. I now have 18 SmartBox classrooms online, with more to come I'm sure!
Bill Meyers, Project Engineer, SUNY Geneseo


Today, SmartPanel technology at Stanford enables a professor to walk into a classroom and use it. Presenters are confident that whatever they bring into a room, they can use – be it a computer or video cassette player, laptop or DVD player. Enhancing a presentation is as simple as plugging a device into the SmartPanel.
Stanford University


The SmartPanel control system simplifies the operation of today’s powerful, complex projectors by giving presenters the best of both worlds: the impact of modern projection technology with the simplicity of a light switch.
Central AV

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