About Us

SP Controls, Inc., headquartered in South San Francisco, Calif., has revolutionized audiovisual control technology since 1995 with its innovative, easy-to-use, and inexpensive products for classrooms and conference rooms.

In addition to its line of PixiePlus, PixiePro, NRC and AmpLinc AV control systems, SP Controls created the popular Doceri tablet-based interactive whiteboard system used by teachers and presenters worldwide to get out from behind the podium to move around the room and engage their audiences with live annotated presentations.

20 Years of Innovation for Education

SP Controls’ first home was on the campus of Stanford University, where the original SmartPanel was developed and immediately deployed. The idea was very basic: create a universal audio/video controller that was simple to configure, intuitive to use and that couldn’t be misplaced.

The first Smart Panel was deployed at Stanford in 1997, and SP Controls has continued to innovate in the A/V controller industry for more than 20 years.

Company Firsts

  • First to introduce a user-configurable, simple AV control system – the Smart Panel, in 1997
  • First to provide matchbook-sized signal distribution over CAT5 with built-in pigtail connectors – the CatLinc family of products in 2002
  • First to reduce the size of the universal projector remote to fit in a single-gang box – Pixie, the AV Light Switch, in 2004
  • First to ship iPad-based “interactive whiteboard” software integrated with our AV control system – Doceri Classroom, 2011
  • First to develop a professional iPad-based screencasting application that allows the drawing portion of the screencast to be created and edited separately from audio voiceover – Doceri Classroom, 2012