Designed specifically to enable users to sit down, plug in and get right to their meeting. Ideally suited for collaborative huddle spaces, conference rooms, classrooms, the PXE-KIT5200 combines a powerful multi-format dual-output switcher with an elegant, yet simple button interface with direct connect cabling. The PXE-KIT5200 is already configured to work out of the box, simplifying the installation and the user experience.

Using the PXE-KIT5200 system with a CEC control compatible flat screen display means you only have a single cable from the controller to the switcher and from the switcher to the display for control. Please call us when using with a projector or other controllable devices, as additional emitters and custom configuration will be needed. Video inputs will still require cabling from your source devices to the switcher’s inputs which include VGA, USB 3 type C and 3 HDMI inputs.

The switcher’s small form factor allows you to place it behind the display, on a surface or under a table, making this is as quick as mounting the controller, pulling the wires, powering the switcher, and walking away! Ships with a 35′ pre-terminated cable for connection between the PixiePlus and the switcher.

Subcompact HDBaseT Receiver to HDMI Output with RS232 and PoE

This compact HDBaseT receiver is one of the smallest on the market. At 3” × 3” × 0.7”, this little powerhouse converts HDBaseT to HDMI using standard unshielded twisted pair CAT5e/6 at distances of up to 328’ (100m) for 4K@30 or 497’ (150m) for 1080p@60. At the same time, the SP-HDBT-REC provides bi-directional RS232 and power (PoE) through the same cable.

Designed originally to work with SP Controls line of presentation switchers, the SP-HDBT-REC is a standards-based HDBaseT product. The SP-HDBT-REC can work with a variety of other HDBaseT transmitters and switching products.


  • ULTRA COMPACT SIZE At 3” × 3” × 0.7”, this receiver is one of the smallest on the market. This compact design makes this receiver perfect for close quarters, behind flat panels or just above low profile projectors.
  • SIMPLE, NO PROGRAMMING REQUIRED The SP-HDBT-REC is a simple plug-and-play device. No programming is required. Just plug the device in and the receiver immediately begins working. The receiver negotiates its power with the transmitter and immediately begins to convert audio and video signals from the host. Amazingly simple.
  • RS232 Control of output devices, such as projectors, screen controllers, or amplifiers is often troublesome in ceilings. This receiver offers an RS232 interface right at the display. With more and more projectors offering native HDBaseT support, the SP-HDBT-REC’s standards-based RS232 interface make controlling the projector extremely convenient.
  • COMPATIBLE The SP Controls SP-HDBT-REC is standards based. This means that it can be used with most of today’s HDBaseT transmitters and extenders. RS232 on the SP-HDBT-REC is available only if the transmitter integrates RS232 according to the HDBaseT standard.
  • UHD The SP-HDBT-REC supports HDTV and VESA resolutions — including 4K@30, 4K@60 (4:2:0) and 1080p@60.
  • CEC PASS THRU CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) is a standard that is supported by the SP-HDBT-REC. For example, if the SP-HDBT-REC is used with SP-SW5200-VUHBT, the SP-SW5200-VUHBT can automatically turn on and off the display attached to the SP-HDBT-REC provided the display supports CEC control. Most flat panels offer this feature often under various trade names, such as Samsung’s Anynet+ or Sony’s BRAVIA Link.