The PixiePro is a modular, tactile button audiovisual control system with infrared-learning capability. No programming necessary; uses SP Controls’ proven Pixie technology to learn and replicate commands for almost any IR-controllable device. PixiePro smartly controls up to eight source devices. Optional modular inserts (included) support devices, including DVD and media players, lifts, screens, document cameras, switchers, amplifiers, etc. The PixiePro can be combined with the Networked Room Controller (PX2-NRC-1142) to expand the system to control serial and relay devices. Ships with one IR emitter for control of a single IR device. Control of multiple devices requires the purchase of extra IR-only emitters (PXE-EMIT). Optional access-control security is configurable with up to six-digit PINs. Automated shutdown timer protects expensive projector bulbs and saves energy. Illuminated back-lit LED buttons provide visible and audible feedback. Any button can be configured with multiple codes for macros and other common automation tasks. Full configurations can be copied (“cloned”) between PixiePro units in seconds. The PixiePro ships ready to surface mount (included), or fits in a four-gang backbox.

The Networked Room Controller is a configurable, low-profile, low-cost, programming-free control system that can be configured, controlled, and monitored via a friendly Web interface. It provides relay, IR, RS-232, and general purpose sense ports. Control may be extended with PixiePro Control Puck peripherals. The PixiePro Modular Panel or SP-TP7 Touch Panel may be used as a front-end user interface.

The standalone NRC Configuration Utility now runs outside of any web browser. At present this requires Windows 10 or earlier. If your browser has trouble with downloading from that link, please see this video for suggested workarounds. Running this utility requires that Java be installed on the same computer. Java can be downloaded and installed directly from Oracle at the Java homepage.

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The PixiePlus Device Control Module provides a simple, standardized control interface for projectors, monitors or other AV display devices in a compact single-gang form factor. The customizable interface allows for a variety of configurations from one to eight buttons, giving the user the ability to tailor the PixiePlus to the exact requirements of the devices being controlled. This design not only provides a professional looking interface, but allows you to eliminate any un-needed buttons that may confuse the end user. To expand the already sophisticated PixiePlus for advanced features such as RS232 control, a Programming Wand (sold separately) connects to the PixiePlus through its IR interface. There is no need to remove it from the wall! First, connect the Programming Wand to your PC with USB and an application will automatically launch. Next, specify the codes to be sent for each button to the Programming Wand, disconnect the Wand and take it to the PixiePlus you wish to configure. Point and shoot and presto–you’re done, all without having to carry your PC around! The PixiePlus learns IR and RS-232 control codes. One PixiePlus can download a complete configuration in mere seconds. PixiePlus can be configured with a user-defined security code to prevent unauthorized use. Energy-saving inactivity shutdown timer based on time since last key press, or using the optional Real Time Clock module, provides battery-backed shutdown timer based on specific time of day and will keep time through power outages. A hybrid approach allows a combination of both.
Accessories for the PixiePro Modular Panel

Accessories for the Pixie+ Display Control Module. New pre-configuration and pre-wiring services available!

Additional alternative button modules for PXE+ are available—please call to discuss options.

Accessories for the Pixie Display Control Module