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The AmpLINC Amp10 PUC is an efficient remote amplifier device that connects to any 8 or 4 ohm speaker over CAT5/6 cabling to enable that speaker to be amplified at the speaker. The Amp 10 can be tapped from 10 watts down to 0.3 watts and daisy chained to scale from 1 to 60 per application. The Amp 10 can be set up as a right, left or mono channel speaker via dip switches on the Amp 10. The Amp 10 PUC receives both power and audio signal over standard Category cabling from the AmpLINC HUB.
Model Numbers Description
AmpLinc Amp10 AmpLINC Amp10 Amplifier Puck

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User Manual 3 MB Installation and Operation Guide for the AmpLINC System
Specification Sheet 1 MB AmpLINC Hub and Pucks Spec Sheet

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