Audio Follow Video Preamp

A 5×1 audio switcher/volume control device. Allows the SmartPanel, Network Room Controller via a RS232 Control PUC, and Pixie+ via a RS232 Emitter to adjust volume and select from five stereo (unbal) inputs. Configurable gain and tone settings for each input. Plus a (bal) line ‘Mix’ input for mic preamp, etc. to (bal) output. One balanced line-level output. Includes a 4×1 composite or 2×1 S-video switcher. Also RS-232/485 controllable for stand-alone integration.
Model Numbers Description
SP3-AFVP+ Audio Follow Video Preamp Plus

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Item Size Description
Specification Sheet 527 KB SP3-AFVP+ Spec Sheet
Installation Guide 1 MB SP3-AFVP+ Audio Follow Video Preamp Switcher Installation Guide
Application Note 114 KB Instructions for configuring a SmartPanel and SP3-AFVP+ preamp to allow volume control of an audio-only device, such as a CD player.

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