Mini Modules

Mini-size input modules allow physical connection of devices to the projector. Available in a variety of connector-types. Patch video, VGA, et cetera through to the projector.
Model Numbers Description
SLB-MINI-AUXAUDIO retiredMini Patch Module Auxiliary Audio Enable Switch
SLB-MINI-BLANK Mini Patch Module Blank
SLB-MINI-ETH Mini Patch Module M100 Escutcheon
SLB-MINI-ETH-P Mini Patch Module Dual Panduit Escutcheon
SLB-MINI-HDMI Mini Patch Module HDMI
SLB-MINI-SVID-NS retiredMini Patch Module S-Video Pass-thru
SLB-MINI-VGA Mini Patch Module VGA
SLB-MINI-VGA-OUT Mini Patch Module VGA Out
SLB-MINI-VID retiredMini Patch Module Video on BNC
SLB-MINI-VID-RCA Mini Patch Module Video on RCA
SLB-MINI-KEYLOCK retiredMini Patch Module Keylock

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