Standard Input Modules retired

Standard size input modules allow physical connection of devices to the projector. Available in a variety of connector-types. Patch video, VGA, et cetera through to the projector. For use with the Large Chassis SmartPanel (SP2-CHAS).
Model Numbers Description
SP2-BLANK Patch Module Blank
SP2-DVI-3.5 Patch Module DVI/3.5mm Mini Audio
SP2-MAC Patch Module Macintosh DB15
SP2-RGBHV Patch Module RGBHV on BNC
SP2-SVID Patch Module S-Video
SP2-SVID-NS Patch Module S-Video Pass-thru
SP2-SWTCH Patch Module Switch Only
SP2-VGA Patch Module VGA/RCA Audio
SP2-VGA-3.5 Patch Module VGA/3.5mm Mini Audio
SP2-VID Patch Module Video on BNC
SP2-VID-RCA Patch Module Video on RCA

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Item Size Description
Specification Sheet 276 KB Spec Sheet for standard-size Input Modules.

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