SmartBox+ Accessories

In cases where you wish to use the SmartBox+ without control panel, order the SLB-SBOX+FACE to replace the standard face. To make the patch points more evident, order the SLB-MINIFACE to replace the standard front plate. Order a total of eight Mini Patch Modules to cover all of the openings. When security is of the utmost importance, the SLB-SBOX+KEYLOCK kit can be ordered for the SmartBox+.
Model Numbers Description
SLB-SBOX FACE-BL SmartBox Blank Face (Black)
SLB-SBOX FACE-WH SmartBox Blank Face (White)
SLB-SBOX MINIFACE-BL SmartBox Modular Face (Black)
SLB-SBOX MINIFACE-WH SmartBox Modular Face (White)
SLB-SBOX 1GANG-BL SmartBox 1-Gang Pixie Face (Black)
SLB-SBOX 1GANG-WH SmartBox 1-Gang Pixie Face (White)
SLB-SBOX PX2-BL SmartBox PixiePro Face (Black)
SLB-SBOX PX2-WH SmartBox PixiePro Face (White)
SLB-SBOX PX2-BL-RM SmartBox PixiePro Face (Black) Reverse Mount
SLB-SBOX KEYLOCK SmartBox Keylock Kit

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