SmartBox II Accessories

Pole Mount

The SP Controls Pole Mount Adapter (SLB-SBOX II POLE MT) allows the SLB-SBOX II to be mounted horizontally on a pole with a diameter of between 3/4” and 2-1/4”. The SLB-SBOX II can be mounted right side up with the lid on top or inverted.

Ceiling Mount

The SP Controls Ceiling Mount Plate (SLB-SBOX II CEILING PLT ) is a 2’ x 2’ metal plate that is mounted in a standard ceiling tile space. The SmartBox II is bolted to the Ceiling Plate, and resides below the ceiling tile for easy access.

Cable Cover

Powdercoated Steel, available in Black or White
Model Numbers Description
SLB-SBOX II CBL CVR(B) newSmartBox II Cable Cover, Black
SLB-SBOX II CBL CVR(W) newSmartBox II Cable Cover, White
SLB-SBOX II CEILING PLT(W) newSmartBox II Ceiling Mount Plate, White
SLB-SBOX II POLE MT(B) newSmartBox II Pole Mount, Black
SLB-SBOX II POLE MT(W) newSmartBox II Pole Mount, White

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