SmartBox II retired

The SP Controls multi-function Smart Media Box #SLB-SBOX II (SBII) is a plenum-rated 16×16×6″ metal enclosure used to house everything you need for your AV project (up to 20 lbs). The SmartBox II is a flexible, secure and unobtrusive equipment enclosure for customizing your solution. Constructed of high strength steel, the SBII features a sliding slotted tray that securely locks in place, requiring no hardware to secure it. Key features include:
  • Multiple mounting options including ceiling tile, pole mount, wall mount, and under-table mounting.
  • Removable equipment tray with slots to accommodate a variety of cable types and power plugs.
  • Lockable tray allows both vertical and inverted mounting with no screws.
  • Keylock to protect equipment.
Model Numbers Description
SLB-SBOX II-WH retirednewSmartBox II Smart Media Box, White
SLB-SBOX II-BL retirednewSmartBox II Smart Media Box, Black

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User Manual 1 MB SLB-SBOX II Smart Media Box Installation Guide
Specification Sheet 901 KB SLB-SBOX II Spec Sheet

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