Wall Mounting retired

For mounting the SmartPanel in a wall or table, we recommend either an electrical backbox or mud ring for easy installation. Mini SmartPanel adaptor plates help the SP2-SMCHAS fit into the RACO 5-gang electrical box when fire rating is needed.
Model Numbers Description
SP2-SMAP-BL Mini SmartPanel 5 Gang Adapter Plate (Black)
SP2-SMAP-GR Mini SmartPanel 5 Gang Adapter Plate (Anodized Grey)
HOFA-SE10x8x4 Hoffmanª 8"x 10"" x 4"" NEMA Back Box"
SP2-MR Mud Ring for SP2-CHAS
SP2-SMBB RACOª 5 Gang NEMA Back Box
SP2-SMMR Mud Ring for SP2-SMCHAS

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