The Pixie+ controllers offers elegant and complete control systems that fit in a standard single-gang back box. The modular button design allows users flexibility in configuring the panel to match their needs.

Pixie+ offers intuitive control of virtually any display system with a remote control, be it a video projector, plasma screen, or LCD monitor. Controls power, volume, and switches between up to 8 inputs.

The Pixie+ is a perfect fit for AV installations with transient users. It eliminates the confusion caused by wandering remotes, dead batteries, and complex projector control interfaces. An untrained user can use the Pixie+ to control any display device with confidence and ease.


  • Pixie+

    An elegant, single-gang 8-button display control device for virtually any projector, plasma screen, or LCD monitor. Provides both IR and RS-232 control.


    Pixie+ Accessories

    Accessories for the Pixie+ Display Control Module

  • Pixie Accessories

    Accessories for the Pixie Display Control Module

  • 6V US power cord

    6V Power Supply for Pixie

    Replacement 6V U.S. power supply for PXE-DCM+ and PX2-MP. (One is included in original purchase of either product.)