Pixie Accessories

Accessories for the Pixie Display Control Module
Model Numbers Description
PXE-BIK50 PixiePlus Basic Install Kit
PXE-DCM-KEY-CHUPDN Pixie/Plus Channel Up/Down Key
PXE-DCM-KEY-FREEZE Pixie/Plus Source Freeze Key
PXE-DCM-KEY-SRCBLANK Pixie/Plus Source Blank Key
PXE-DCM-KEY-SRCMUTE Pixie/Plus Source Mute Key
PXE-DCM-KEY-SRCSYNC Pixie/Plus Source Sync Key
PXE-DCM-KEY-VOLUPDN Pixie Volume Up/Down Key
PXE-DCM-KEYFS-VERT Pixie Full Set Keys-Vertical
PXE-EMIT retiredPixiePro and Standard Pixie IR Emitter