Signal Distribution

CatLinc uses proven technology to transmit video signals over CAT5 cable. Models available for HDMI, VGA, composite video, component video, and S-Video.




    Subcompact HDBaseT Receiver to HDMI Output with RS232 and PoE This compact HDBaseT receiver is one of the smallest on the market. At 3” × 3” × 0.7”, this little powerhouse converts HDBaseT to HDMI using standard unshielded twisted pair CAT5e/6 at distances of up to 328’ (100m) for 4K@30 or 497’ (150m) for 1080p@60. At the same time, […]

  • CatLinc Video

    CatLinc signal distribution devices simplify cabling and significantly cut costs by sending signals over common CAT5 cable. Available for VGA, composite video/stereo audio, component video, or S-Video.