CatLinc Video

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CatLinc uses proven technology to transmit video signals over CAT5 cable. The CatLinc family was designed from the ground up to balance cost, image quality, and mounting options in today’s price-sensitive installation environments. CatLinc VGA distributes signals up to 300 feet. Other CatLinc models can transmit signals for thousands of feet. Powered from either the transmitter or receiver (power adaptor included). The CatLinc eliminates the need for video signal buffers or amplifiers. Available for VGA, composite video/stereo audio, component video, or S-Video.
Model Numbers Description
CatLinc VGA VGA to CAT5 Transmitter/Receiver Pair
CatLinc VGA RCVR retiredCatLinc VGA Receiver Unit Only
CatLinc VGA-L retiredVGA to CAT5 Transmitter/Receiver Pair with Local Monitor Loop-thru
CatLinc VID retiredComposite Video & Stereo Audio to CAT5 Transmitter/Receiver Pair
CatLinc SVID retiredS-Video to CAT5 Transmitter/Receiver Pair
CatLinc HD retiredComponent Video to CAT5 Transmitter/Receiver Pair
CatLinc HD RCVR retiredCatLinc HD Receiver Unit Only
CatLinc+ HDMI retiredCatLinc+ HDMI Transmitter / Receiver Pair
CatLinc+ VGA-HDMI retiredCatLinc+ VGA to HDMI Transmitter / Receiver Pair

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Item Size Description
User Manual 989 KB CatLinc User's Manual for the CatLinc VGA, VGA-L, VID, SVID, and HD
Specification Sheet 370 KB CatLinc VGA and VGA-L Spec Sheet
Specification Sheet 416 KB CatLinc VID SVID and HD Spec Sheet