Large Chassis SmartPanel retired

The Large Chassis SmartPanel provides simple, intuitive projector or plasma screen control through RS-232 and IR. The simplicity of the interface allows untrained users to control complicated projector technology with confidence and ease. The Large Chassis SmartPanel combines control with wiring convenience by allowing for 4 input module patch points to be integrated into the chassis of the controller itself.

While this retired product is no longer being manufactured, many of these durable systems are still operating in the field today. If you need to reconfigure yours, it is simple to do on Windows computers using the SmartPanel Configuration Utility.

Model Numbers Description
SP2-CHAS SmartPanel Control System Chassis

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Item Size Description
User Manual 657 KB SmartPanel Configuration and Installation Guide
Installation Guide 29 KB Large Chassis SmartPanel (SP2-CHAS) Mounting Schematic and Instructions
Specification Sheet 5 MB Large Chassis SmartPanel (SP2-CHAS) Spec Sheet
Application Note 114 KB Instructions for configuring a SmartPanel and SP3-AFVP+ preamp to allow volume control of an audio-only device, such as a CD player.
Application Note 170 KB Instructions for configuring 2 or more SmartPanels to operate in a Master/Slave configuration to control a single projector or display device.

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