SmartAmp retired

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Intended for installation with the SmartBox+, a variety of amplifiers give you control over the sound that you need. An easy fit with the SP3-AFVP+ Audio Follow Video Preamp.

Very limited supplies—please call for availability.

Model Numbers Description
SLB-SBOX 100W-BL SmartBox 100W Amp (Black)
SLB-SBOX 100W-WH SmartBox 100W Amp (White)
SLB-SBOX 50W-BL SmartBox 50W Amp (Black)
SLB-SBOX 50W-WH SmartBox 50W Amp (White)
SLB-SBOX 70V-BL SmartBox 70V Amp (Black)
SLB-SBOX 70V-WH retiredSmartBox 70V Amp (White)

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Item Size Description
User Manual 63 KB SmartAmp Installation Instructions and Spec Sheet

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